Human-trafficking is a multi-billion dollar a year criminal enterprise that takes many forms and affects different communities across the U.S. and the world. Ohio is not an exception, and persons of all demographics, including APIs, are harmed by this terrible crime. Our Family Support Program (FSP) offers both prevention and intervention services in human-trafficking.

Services for Survivors

AACS works closely with our anti-trafficking partners including the Central Ohio Rescue & Restore Coalition (CORRC), the Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force, and The Salvation Army of Central Ohio to provide appropriate social services for human-trafficking survivors in the state of Ohio. In particular, we specialize in offering culturally competent social services for API survivors.

Specific services we offer include:

  • Crisis intervention;
  • Case management;
  • Emergency food, shelter, and transportation assistance;
  • ESL classes or tutoring;
  • Court accompaniment and advocacy;
  • Referrals to legal services;
  • Linkage to benefits and other services;
  • Basic financial literacy education; and
  • Self-care and art therapy sessions such as flower arrangement (ikebana) classes.


Outreach and Awareness

In addition to offering direct services for survivors, AACS engages in outreach and works to raise awareness on human-trafficking in the Ohio API community. Awareness among community members is critical because the sensationalizing of human-trafficking by the media has resulted in misinformation about what human-trafficking looks like as well as what effective prevention and outreach measures are. Age-appropriate youth outreach is a particularly important aspect of effective prevention, given that traffickers often exploit the emotional vulnerabilities of youth by offering to fill their need for love, affection, and acceptance that is lacking in their lives.

In addition to community outreach, we also engage our anti-trafficking partners to improve their cultural competency in serving API human-trafficking victims/survivors.

Our outreach efforts include:

  • The Anti-Trafficking Youth Ambassador program, which seeks to raise awareness on human-trafficking among API youth and the API community;
  • Community workshops on human-trafficking awareness and prevention; and
  • Panel discussions and presentations on Asian-born human-trafficking victims at conferences.

Support Our Survivors

Our survivors need your support! Grant funding for our victims' fund is limited, so donations are always appreciated.

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